You must have know the phrase content is king. Now, that may well be a marketing word but this year and beyond, it’s a statement that has never been more relevant. In a world where consumers are more savvy, more demanding, and more empowered than ever, brands and businesses needs to up their content marketing efforts to engage, inspire and convert.

In today’s digital world, content marketing is the heart of Digital marketing. When it comes to building trust, brand awareness, connecting with your target audience and illustrate your authority, there’s no pursuit more powerful. Therefore, content marketing has become an almost universal tactic with around 90 percent of companies harnessing its power in 2018, and even more planning to up their efforts in 2019.

But before we go to technical part, let’s explore it.

Why content marketing?

Content marketing covers a broad circle but, it’s a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and circulate beneficial, relevant, and logical content to attract and retain a defined target audience. Essentially, Increase awareness, and boost loyalty and increase profitability.

In past few years people use to do  cheap black hat SEO tactics like keyword stuffing to boost your Google search rankings, but now they are Irrelevant In the modern world, highly shareable, entertaining and authoritative content is the key to success.

Content marketing direction to look out for in 2019

The way digital technologies regularly expanding, businesses have more opportunities to promote their product and services . Without creating  innovative and inspirational niche content there is no way to promote the business. Here are the direction  you should check out and use it for your business advantage this year.

Mobile compatible content: By 2020, smartphones will make up 60 percent of all global devices. By 2019, more than 80 percent of Facebook users will access the platform from a mobile device. Bringing high-quality mobile content for  your customers will assure success this year and in the more distant future.

Native advertising: As web consumers become unaffected  to traditional ads, businesses will need to cultivate their content marketing efforts and reach to their customers. According to a survey from Audience, native advertising will dominate mobile and other device by 2020, making it an necessary traffic increasing  pursuit today, tomorrow and future. More than  70 percent of consumers like to learn about products and services through content – as business can’t ignore this number.

Marketing influence: More than 84% online consumers say that they trust online reviews and personal recommendations. As a brand, promoting their products with celebrity, local personality or  influential person has a greater chance to influence millennial digital consumers, building trust and lead conversion.

Marketing mechanization: Marketing mechanization or automation is the notion of automating certain actions and tasks to save time and improve the efficiency of your overall content marketing efforts. Research say’s, Organizations  that use marketing mechanization to get leads enjoy more qualified leads than others. The capability to automate your efforts is important, to do this you can use email marketing, social media, video and interactive content.

Green Digital world is expert in providing content marketing solutions. We are assisting our global clients from 2012. We use many tools and techniques to for developing and posting content according to our clients need. We are experienced in Blog Posting, Article Posting, Video Marketing, Infographics Posting, and Guest Blogging. If you’d want to increase the commercial success that you deserve then tell your brand story the right way. Start your content marketing this Year.

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